We provide filming services for every need, from working as the DP on professional productions to creating our own independent films. Get in touch today to discuss your filming needs.

RED Cameras

RED cameras are the highest quality cameras on the market today. Our RED cameras shoot RAW video with the best low light capabilities on the market today.

Still Photography

Our award winning photographers have over 20 years of experience shooting underwater, wildlife, landscape, and product photography.

Drone Professional

We are a fully licensed and registered drone operator in Indonesia. Our team has the equipment and skill to capture all aerial imaging needs.

Conservation Films

We are passionate about the environment and wildlife. We work with a variety of local and international NGOs to help them create media for their conservation projects.

Underwater Filming and Photography

With over 20 years in the diving industry, we are at home underwater.  We have all of the equipment and knowledge to create professional underwater photography and film work for any project.

Production Support

We provide fixers and logistic support throughout Indonesia for international production working with our team. Through our network of partners we can provide all of the necessary filming permits for foreign productions to operate in Indonesia.

Remote Documentary Filming

Remote Filming services are a growing area for production companies who want to hire a local crew to film their production. We have years of experience working with production companies on remote shoots.

Stock Footage and Photography

We have a large library of photographs and stock footage from a variety of genres including underwater and aerial. Contact us today to discuss your stock imagery needs.

Contact Us Today

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