Recent Projects – West Papua

February 16, 2024
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February 16, 2024 admin

Recent Projects – West Papua

Recent Projects

Recent Projects – A Summary of Recent Projects

We have been keeping busy with recent projects and a few are now online to look at. Most of our recent projects have taken place in West Papua, a destination we are always happy to visit.

Clients that we have worked with recently include National Geographic, the BBC, Konservasi Indonesia and ReShark. All of these projects revolve around one of our favourite themes: Conservation.

Planet Earth III

One of our favourite projects was working with “Planet Earth III” by the BBC. This is a documentary series hosted by the legendary David Attenborough. Our work appears in the first episode of the series entitled: “Coasts”. The sequence is all about the incredible Archer Fish, shot in Raja Ampat. These incredible fish are able to spit water at insects on tree branches to knock them into the water and then feed on them. Our team spent a week on the shoot and a lot of our work appears in the introduction scenes. We can’t post a link to the full episode here but we can link to the “Behind the Scenes” which is hosted on YouTube.

National Geographic

Another exciting recent project was working with the team from National Geographic and Prada on a short film in Raja Ampat. This short highlights the work of local people and a National Geographic Explorer who work conserving the coral reef. Our team was responsible for all of the underwater sequences for this project.
You can view the film here on the National Geographic YouTube Channel.


One of our longtime collaborations is with the ReShark program. ReShark is a collaborative initiative between a large number of contributors such as Conservation International, The Seattle Aquarium, Konservasi Indonesia, RARCC, The Misool Foundation, West Papua and Indonesian Government organizations and dozens more. This is an ongoing project that started in 2022 and involves reintroducing leopard sharks to the Raja Ampat area. We are happy to be involved with documenting the work done by the entire team throughout the world in this important initiative.

You can watch the history of the project on the ReShark You Tube channel. Below is the short film of the first ever release of a leopard shark.

Konservasi Indonesia

Konservasi Indonesia are our frequent partners in different multi media project that we work on. In our latest collaboration we visited the island of Namatote near Kaimana in SW Papua. This is a very traditional area where local customs are strong. The people work closely with nature and the sea plays an important role in their livelihoods. We visited the area with the team from Konservasi Indonesia to document the tradition of “Sasi”. Sasi is a traditional form of sustainable utilization of resources Papuans have utilized for hundreds of years. The short film “Sasi di Namatota” is below: