Cinema Drone Indonesia Professional

August 16, 2021
August 16, 2021 admin

Cinema Drone Indonesia Professional

Cinema Drone Indonesia Lakes

Cinema Drone Indonesia – Throughout the last 70 years of film making, advancements in technology were quickly filtered down from professionals to consumers. This includes high end cameras, lights, lenses, and sound equipment. However, one technology that was normally out of range for smaller productions was aerial imaging. The price of chartering a helicopter with a gimbal has always been prohibitive to independent film makers. However, in the last decade the rapid advancements in drone technology means aerials are no longer only exclusive to large budget productions.

Cinema Drone FieldThe Rapid Drone Evolution

Drones are evolving rapidly. Only 10 years ago companies such as DJI were on their first generation products which were quite limited. However, technology is advancing rapidly and new drones are coming out all the time. In 2013, a DJI semi pro drone would need a GoPro attached and only have 10 minutes worth of battery. However, in the last 8 years the technology advancements are fast and furious! It’s now easy to operate drones with camera systems such as RED or ARRI for an independent production. DJI itself also offers drones with professional camera systems such as the Inspire system. This drone comes complete with a cinema camera offering RAW video technology.

There are also a myriad of smaller drones available on the market. Consumer drones such as the DJI Mavic and Point of View drones are widely available. These less expensive options offer more compact drones that are easier to travel with. The cameras may not be cinema style but the quality is certainly high enough for most productions. The unique style that POV drones offer is a filming angle that has never been available before. The incredible scenes that these offer is truly eye catching stands out on the screen.

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Licensed Drone Pilot

Of course having a drone is only one step in the process. A skilled pilot is a must when trying to capture high quality footage. It takes hundreds of hours of practice in order to master the confidence and skill required for quality filming. Skill is one requirement but there is also another that is often overlooked. To fly a drone for a commercial production requires both a licensed pilot and the proper permits. Indonesia requires the proper documentation for any production that plans to use aerial imaging. Indo Pacific Films is proud to have a fully licensed commercial drone pilot as part of our team.

What We Offer – Cinema Drone Indonesia

Our licensed drone pilot takes care of all the proper flying permits required for a production. This includes working with the national film board as well as local airport authorities. Receiving these permits does take time, please allow a few weeks for this when considering filming. We are proud to offer the DJI Inspire 2 as our aerial imaging workhorse. It comes complete with the Zenmuse X7 cinema camera which offers 6K Cinema DNG imagery. The setup consists of the full selection of 4 lens choices: 16, 24, 35, and 50mm. For still photographs, the camera produces 24mp high end photos. For smaller productions we also have a DJI Mavic 2 Pro available.

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Drones truly are a mainstay of any modern production. The incredible scenes that these tools can produce add a touch of class to any film. The unique angles and views that aerials add to a scene are mind-blowing indeed. If you are interested in hiring a licensed pilot and cinema quality drone for your production then please Contact Us today to discuss the possibilities.